Set the stage for your students to shine!

Set the stage for your students to shine!



To the song "Body Like a Back Road" by Sam Hunt

Got a number from my teacher, got math to do.

First time I saw that number, man I 'bout fell off my chair!

Had to get those factors, it took me like one try.

Prime and composite- are my number one peeps!  


Prime has two factors, I know it with my eyes closed,

I know every fact like the back of my hand!

Can’t do 15 or a 30, I ain't in no hurry,

Each is composite, with many factors yeah!

Dividing With Decimals Song

To The Tune of “7 Rings” By Ariana Grande

Use this song to help kids remember the steps to dividing with decimals!

Be sure to add in some good hair flips and hand motions as well!


Take your students' understanding of vocabulary to the next level by having them use the tableau strategy to act their meanings. Working in groups, have them create a scene using different levels, facial expressions, and poses to act out the meaning of the words. This can be done with content, language arts, or even math vocabulary! Try it out and just watch how those definitions stick with them!


Sidewalk Chalk

I always keep a bucket of chalk on hand, yes even for my 6th graders, because when the sun pops out, it's the perfect tool to take any lesson to the next level. I have taken a math lesson that seems less than interesting outside and had the kids complete problems with chalk, and the lesson comes alive! We reviewed the parts of a cell by drawing a giant cell on the playground and then each student made a chant to accompany their organelle and viola, we had a whole class review with 100% participation. 


Removable Name tags

When your kids are getting a little too comfortable in their seating arrangement and their desks are overflowing with papers, try removable name tags! Simply laminate name tags and put velcro on the back of them and on the desks. You can place the name tags in new places every day, every week, or even switch students' desks during the day. This keeps students on their toes and their messy desks disappear!