S.T.E.A.M. Themed Breakout

YOUR MISSION, IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: Use the clues and supplies given to you to successfully break out of the locked boxes using teamwork and engineering!

  This breakout activity is a fun and engaging way to get both students and parents working together to solve riddles, clues, and puzzles, to successfully break out of the locked boxes. Keep reading for a FREEBIE of the entire breakout for you to use!

 Currently, our school is a designated STEAM school. This means that as a staff, we strive to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics into our lessons to encourage the study of those fields, as well as engaging all learners and learning styles in their learning. 

  Each year our school holds a STEAM Night, where students can bring their families to school to experience a snapshot of what we have been doing throughout the year. This year my amazing teammate, @elementaryescapades (Instagram), put on a fabulous STEAM Night in which families had passports, and traveled to different grade levels to participate in STEAM activities together. They were also able to check out displays about different STEAM related careers, experience live demonstrations of technology in use and cooking demonstrations, and meet community members who have jobs in these fields. This is a great opportunity for parents to not just come and “see” what is being done in the classroom, but actually experience it firsthand.

  In sixth grade we have been experimenting with using breakout boxes in our classes. We currently own a BreakoutEDU kit, but found that it can be quite expensive to buy enough of those kits to complete breakouts with classes of thirty. Instead, we gathered all the things that come in a kit and made our own homemade version. We were able to purchase toolboxes that have a spot for a lock as well as padlocks with keys at the Dollar Tree. We then ordered invisible ink pens, keychain black lights, directional locks, and word locks from Amazon. Then, for a fraction of the price, we had enough kits to run multiple breakouts at once!

   For our class’ STEAM Night activity, I put together a STEAM themed breakout activity for the kids and families to participate in together. I had five different sets going at once, so small groups were able to come in and start whenever they made it to my room. I could also easily refill and reset the boxes when a group was done for the next group. 

   Parents and students had a great time working on this activity together, and I saw great perseverance from all teams. It was great to see the bonding taking place between families while completing the tasks and the big smiles stretching across their faces as they broke out. 

   We even had signs and certificates to use to pose for pictures after. If your school has a Twitter or Instagram account, this a great thing to use to have parents post pictures and tag the school to tell your school’s story. 

   If you are interested in the breakout I created, I have posted it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Mrs. Dessert, as a freebie for you to use! All the directions for where to buy the materials, set up the breakout, and celebrate at the end are included. This activity is not just for STEAM Nights, but could also be used in your classroom as a team bonding activity at any point in the year. Although the theme is based around STEAM, there is no specific knowledge set needed to enjoy this breakout. So check it out here